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Waternomics Final Event

Waternomics is one of the ICT4Water and EU-funded project that aims to reduce water consumption of municipalities, corporations and domestic users by employing smart/ICT enabled water technologies.

Waternomics team is hosting a final project event on 31st January 2017 in Galway, Ireland. The project team will share its results and impact, in the form of conference where practitioners from academia and industry are invited to take part of this event.

Waternomics Final Event


Ict4water on European Utility Week 2016

The European Utility Week is the premier event for utilities and attracts over 12.000 people from 80 different countries. Ict4water has organised a special session on smart water meters and smart water applications. Representatives from member projects will present their work on smart water systems.

European Utility Week 2016, Barcelona, Spain
Hub session: Smart Metering and Smart Applications
Thursday, November 17 2016, 9:00-13:00

WISDOM Final Event, Cardiff (UK), January 19, 2017

The WISDOM project has developed and tested an intelligent ICT system that enables “just in time” actuation and monitoring of the water value chain from water abstraction to discharge, in order to optimise the management of water resources.
The goals of the project were to (a) increase user awareness and modify behaviours concerning the use of water, (b) achieve quantifiable and significant reduction of water consumption, (c) achieve peak-period reduction of water and energy distribution loads and (d) improved resource efficiency and business operations of water utilities due to ICT.
The WISDOM project is concluding in January 2017 and we will be holding the project's final event on the 19th January 2017 in Cardiff. Our final event is a key opportunity to find out more about the leading research that has been conducted in WISDOM and see our results first hand. This event will combine technical presentations from invited speakers from the EU ICT4Water Cluster along with live demonstrations and stakeholder workshops.
Participation is free of charge.
More information on the project and on the event and registration is available at the event website or at

ISS-EWATUS 2nd Final Event, Katowice, Poland, 30-31 January 2017

The EU project ISS-EWATUS has developed an Integrated Support System for Efficient Water Usage and Resource Management that includes a Decision Support module for EU water utilities at urban and household level, a social-media platform that promotes water-saving behavior and an adaptive pricing system. The results of ISS-EWATUS and other ICT4WATER cluster projects will be presented during two days event through a mix of presentations and demonstrations on 30-31 January 2017 in Katowice, Poland.

Particiption is free of charge. For registering please fill in this form

Water Journal: Special Issue on Water Networks Management

Members of the ICT4WATER cluster are invited to submit their papers to a Special Issue of the Water journal, entitled "Water Networks Management: New Perspectives", which is guest-edited by the University of Thessaly. Associate Professor Chrysi S. Laspidou will be happy to facilitate the process for ICT4WATER members. If you're interested in submitting an article you can address all your questions/concerns to Chrysi at

See the relevant announcement here.

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Ict4water Roadmap 2016

The ICT for Water Management roadmap describes the main gaps and challenges that need to be addressed in the future of the ICT for water management sector, including water providers,customers and policy makers. The first roadmap was published in 2015 and after consulting the ict4water cluster members and other stakeholders an update has been prepared by the European Commission in August 2016. This latest edition of the roadmap will be presented at the Water Ideas conference to be held in Bologna (20-21 October) and can already be downloaded here or at the website of the European Commission


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Due to growing population and economy, seasonal climatic conditions have changed, including extreme events as floods and droughts. This affects as a whole the availability of water resources at world level. ICT and water efficiency is a key policy issue with potential for new research area that includes decision supporting system for the measurement of water quality and quantity including the recycling and water reuse processes. This necessitates increased interoperability between water information systems at EU and national levels and efficiency of water resources management. This site is a hub for the 15 sister projects on ICT and Water Management. Read more.