This page lists all available public project deliverables of the ICT4Water sister projects. The deliverables are sorted by topic and link to the original document.

User requirements and market studies

D1.1.1 – Requirements Analysis, iWIDGET

D1.1 – State of the art Report, DAIAD

D2.1 – State of the Art Analysis, ICeWater

D1.2 – Harmonised Terminology and Methodology for Groundwater Research Classification, KINDRA

D4.7 – Report on End User Requirements, KINDRA

D1.1 The European water market analysis, UrbanWater

D1.2 User requirements in the water market, UrbanWater

D2.1 Analysis of proven technologies in AMR, WDN and WR, UrbanWater

D2.1 Data availability report + database (xlsx), WaterInnEU

D2.2 Water companies and solutions report+ database (xlsx), WaterInnEU

D3.1 Draft guidance report, WaterInnEU

D2.3 – Study of the results of questionnaires and the content of the database data, ISS-EWATUS


D2.2.2 – Final report on the working prototype, iWIDGET

D3.1.1 – Design Studies, DAIAD

D5.2 – Deterministic and probalistic approaches for predictive models of components deterioration, ICeWater

D2.1 – Use cases and early requirements, SmartH20

D2.2 – Final Requirements, SmartH20

D5.1 Customer’s empowerment tools system requirement, UrbanWater

Data Management Platform

D1.2 – Requirements and ArchitectureDAIAD

D1.3 – System Architecture and KPI’s, Waternomics

D2.2.1 – Methodology, conceptual and architectural design, iWIDGET

D5.1 – Multiple spatial and temporal models for consumption patterns identification, ICeWater

D3.2 – First User Behaviour Models, SmartH20

D6.1: DELIVERY MANAGEMENT PLAN AND TESTING SPECIFICATION – Developing, testing and releasing the SmartH2O software platform, SmartH20



D4.3 Identification procedures for water demand prediction models, UrbanWater

D6.2 UrbanWater plaform architecture design, UrbanWater

D7.2.1 Implementation of MAS, WatERP

D1.3 Software Requirement Specification, WISDOM

D4.2 Decision Support System at Urban Level, ISS-EWATUS

D5.2 Prototype of the Platform, ISS-EWATUS

D5.3 Final Version of the Platform, ISS-EWATUS

Sensors and networks

D2.1 – Control-oriented Modelling For Operational Management Of Urban Water Networks, Effinet

D2.2 – Real-time Control Algorithms For Optimal Operational Management V4.8, Effinet

D2.3 – Economic And Technical Evaluation Of Operational Management Algortihms V1.1, Effinet

D3.1 – Statement Of The Real-time Network Monitoring Problem, Effinet

D3.2 – Network Monitoring Sensor Placement Mass Balance And Water Quality V2.0, Effinet

D3.3 – Sensor Validation And Reconstruction, Effinet

D4.2 – Optimal Placement Of Meters, Pattern Demand Estimation And Short-term Forecasting V6.0, Effinet

D2.2 – The installation of sensors at household level, ISS-EWATUS


D1.1 – Usage Case and Initial Exploitation Scenarios, Waternomics

D4.1 -FIRST SOCIAL GAME AND IMPLICIT USER INFORMATION TECHNIQUES – Persuasive games for water efficiency, SmartH20

D5.1 – Review of Pricing Instruments, SmartH20

D8.2: TECHNOLOGY WATCH REPORT – Exploring the market dimensions, SmartH20

D6.1 – Development of adaptive water price systems, ISS-EWATUS

D3.2 – DSS at household level, ISS-EWATUS

D6.2 – Development and Simulation of Adaptive Pricing Mechanisms, ISS-EWATUS

Standards, Methods & Policies
D1.2 – Water ICT Technologies, Policies and Standards V1, Waternomics

D1.1 Generic taxonomy for water supply distribution chain, WatERP

D1.2 Generic Functional model for water supply and usage data, WatERP

D1.3 Generic Ontology for water supply distribution chain, WatERP

D7.1.1 Holistic Auditing, WatERP

D2.1 – Waternomics Methodology, Waternomics

Pilots / Case studies

D6.1 – General Guidelines For Sensor Placement, Optimal Control And Demand Mgmt Strategies V1.1 [Pre], Effinet

D7.1: VALIDATION METHODOLOGY – The design of SmartH2O case studies, SmartH20

D1.1 Stakeholder Oriented Socio-technical and Business Requirement Capture, WISDOM

D2.1 – The installation of sensors at urban level, ISS-EWATUS

Project plans and reports

D8.2 – Dissemination and Training Plan, DAIAD

D8.4 – Exploitation and Business Plan, DAIAD

D1.2 – Project Methodology, Effinet

D7.1 – Dissemination And Exploitation Strategies, Effinet

D1.1 : MANAGEMENT PROCESSES – Defining rules and standards for joint work, SmartH20



D1.1 Project management structure and communication channels, WaterInnEU

D1.2 Draft Data Management Plan, WaterInnEU

D4.1 Plan for disseminating and exploiting the project’s results, WaterInnEU

D8.1 – Dissemination plan, ISS-EWATUS

D8.2 – Dissemination results, ISS-EWATUS

D7.1 – Plan of Validation and Evaluation, ISS-EWATUS

D8.3 – Dissemination results, ISS-EWATUS

D7.2 – “Key Ideas” Brochure and Poster, Waternomics