Water Innovation Europe 2017

Last June 14th 2017, during annual Water Innovation Europe Event held in Brussells, 21 ICT4water cluster related projects participated in an open worshop with other Working Groups and Members of the WssTP. Fruitful discussons on “Digital Water” relevant areas indentified by the ICT4Water cluster, such us the following ones, were conducted:

  1. ICT Water Standards & Data Harmonization
  2. Next Revolution of Water Infrastructure: Road to Water aligment with the 4th industrial revolution
  3. ICT role in water governance and legislation


Conference main focus was “The Value of water: the case for innovation and investment in the water”. With this context, the ICT4Water cluster facilitated in organizing a specific session which highlight the endeavour of projects that have substantially contributed or are contributing to the WssTP thematic clusters, as it follows:

  • C1: the Value of Water: Socio- economic and governance models for water smart society SIM4NEXUS
  • C3: Digital Water: smart ICT & Decision Support systems for water DAIAD
  • C4: the Value in Water: solutions to capture and valorize energy & materials in water FREEWAT
  • C6: HORIZONTAL: water stewardship, standardisation, knowledge, sharing and advocacy WIDEST


The action plan objectives, scope and planning were presented and discused, as well as the requirements and goals to be reached before next face to face workshop. First vertion of the Action plan, including projects contributions, was scheduled to be discussed during the next EIP Water Conference 2017, September 27th – 28th, Porto. Before that, members’ contributions in Furium Platform are being collected.


ICT4Water New Video!

During the event the new ICT4Water promotional video developed by DAIAD project was presented

Short Version

ICT4Water Representation

* New projects expressed their intention to join the cluster, for instance, INTEGROIL, STOP-IT, Space- O, etc.


Cluster presentations:

1. Lydia Vamvakeridou_Presentation ICT4Water cluster_Final version

2. Aude Glenisson_R&I Policy return_Final version

3. Gabriel_Anzaldi_ACTION_PLAN_Final version

Project presentations:

INCOVER – singleslide

DAIAD – overview

RUN4LIFE – Recovery and utilisation of nutrients 4 low impact fertiliser

INTCATCH – overview

CENTAUR – overview

PROTEUS – oveview

WaterInnEU – OGC pilot

WaterInnEU Marketplace video