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Flash report: ICT4Water cluster Annual Event 2019

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Brussels, June 11, 2019

On 11 June the ICT4Water cluster Annual event gathered nearly 100 professionals from the smart water community and 27+ member projects to work together on the digital transformation of the water sector. The event was organised in Brussels by EASME and combined speeches from keynote speakers with workshops and interactive sessions. Continued

Flash report on WIE ICT4Water cluster workshop

Towards A Digital Single Market of water Services

“Smart water services: Bridging the digital and the physical world”.

Brussels, June 13, 2018

On June 13th 2018, during the annual Water Innovation Europe Event held in Brussells, the Executive Agency for SMEs (EASME) B2.1, in collaboration with DG CONNECT Smart Mobility and Living, the European Water Technology Platform (WssTP) and the ICT4Water cluster jointly organized the open workshop “Smart water services: Bridging the digital and the physical world”. Fruitful discussions took place regarding the development of activities contributing to a “Digital single Marquet of Water Services”. Relevant key areas were presented as follows: Continued

Action Plan 2017 Flash Report

ICT4Water Action Plan, Digital Single Market of water services

Brussels, December 1, 2017
European Commission – DG CONNECT – Avenue de Beaulieu, 25 – 1160 Auderghem (Brussels)

On December 1st 2017, the ICT4Water cluster presented an Action Plan to support the setting out of a Digital Single Market of Water Services. Promoted by DG-CONNECT, the action plan is a step forward from roadmaps presented in 2015 and 2016. This year (2017) open workshops were held as core sessions of big water sector events, such as Water Wise Conference, Water Innovation Europe, EIP Water conference 2017, DG RTD /EASME “Boosting Research & Innovation in the Water Sector: The Impact of EU-funded actions” and several bilateral events, with ICT4Water cluster members discussing and proposing how to afford digital water challenges, so as to collect and define the views presented in this strategic document. Additionally, collaborative contributions provided by co-members of several associations and working groups such as the WssTP, BDVA, AIOTI and EIP Water were collected too. Continued

EIP on water 2017 Flash Report


On the framework of Porto Water Innovation Week (PWIW), from September 24 – 30, the ICT4Water cluster has reached an important impact delivering high quality knowledge in several activities, workshops and presentations. Cluster members had the opportunity of create synergies, expose results and build networking among more than 1000 water innovators. Following summary of the several most relevant activities conducted. The presentations that were given at the various events are available for download at the bottom of this page. Continued

Water Innovation Europe 2017

Last June 14th 2017, during annual Water Innovation Europe Event held in Brussells, 21 ICT4water cluster related projects participated in an open worshop with other Working Groups and Members of the WssTP. Fruitful discussons on “Digital Water” relevant areas indentified by the ICT4Water cluster, such us the following ones, were conducted:

  1. ICT Water Standards & Data Harmonization
  2. Next Revolution of Water Infrastructure: Road to Water aligment with the 4th industrial revolution
  3. ICT role in water governance and legislation

interoperability Continued

ICT4Water cluster meeting at IWA LET2016

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The cluster meeting took place in Jerez de La Frontera on Friday 17th June 2016. The main objective of the meeting was to present updates and results of EU funded projects on smart water solutions, grouped together in a cluster, including demo sites at tens of cities across Europe.

ict4water_jerez_GrazynaThe session was opened with presentation of the ict4water cluster and its main activities. The history of a cluster was briefly introduced. The projects concerned were: UrbanWater, iWidget, Waterp, ICEEWATER, EFFINET, DAIAD, ISS-EWATUS, SMARTH2O, WATERNOMICS, WISDOM, KINDRA, WATERINNEU, BlueSCities, FREEWAT, WIDES, CYTO-WATER, POWERSTEP, iMETland, SUBSOL and CENTAUR. Continued